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Checkmark Digital’s market-leading approach encompasses analytical customer journey tracking, ensuring a seamless path from exploration to conversion. Immerse your audience in a dynamic user interface that captivates users attention and enhances the overall experience with your brand. Maximize conversions and save time with automation and lead flow functionality, we streamline your processes to create unbelievable efficiency.

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Why Do Conversion Rates Matter?

Conversion Rates determine how much money you will make online per hundred visitors that click through to your website. That’s why we work so hard to ensure that we help you get the best possible conversion rates, relevant traffic, and a smooth user experience. We A/B test rigorously so we can learn and implement the latest conversion optimisation techniques. 


Our calculator is designed to show you how much extra revenue you can potentially make per month if you hit the industry average benchmarks. You will find a small improvement in Conversion Rate can have a gigantic impact on your return on investment.


Checkmark Digital are Conversion Rate Optimization specialists. Try our free Conversion Rate Optimization Calculator to see for yourself. To Learn more please fill out our enquiry form and a we can offer you a complimentary strategy session.

Industry Averages

Industry averages vary but for most businesses will have a bench mark to reach to be considering relevant, helpful to the search engine and be able to generate a good return on investment from their marketing campaigns.


Service based businesses looking to generate leads and enquiries average around 5% with professionally managed campaigns.


E-Commerce and shopping-based campaigns looking to scale their sales online average around 3% with professionally managed campaigns.

Conversion Rate Formula

The Conversion Rate can be calculated using the following formula.


Conversion Rate = (Total Conversions / Total Web Traffic) x 100.


For example: If 30 people signed up for a service or purchased a product out of 1000 people who visited your website your conversion rate is (30/1000) x 100 = 3%.

When Was The Last Time You Had Your Conversion Rate Optimization Checked?

Checkmark Digital is the most trusted marketing agency in Australia for a reason, Our team learn about your company and goals then audit over 200 metrics to make sure your Conversion Rate Scorecard passes with full marks.

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